Cachet spins a set for Volume #5 of The 312, 5 Magazine’s Chicago House Music mix and interview series with the DJs that keep the Chicago House scene on top.

Cachet is a name that has been steadily building in the Chicago community through frequent guest spots and a new summer residency. Added to her musical talent are her visual media skills and leadership roles in the Infusion Project. Cachet is a woman that inspires, and her positive energy is infectious.

The interview picks up below the mix; photo by Marta Krasnicka.


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Did you begin your foray into the world of arts via photography and graphic design? Tell us more about that.

It’s hard to say what began my adventure into the arts. Creative opportunities open up to me daily and I grab onto the ones that relate to the skills I’ve developed. Photography and graphic design are two of three hats I wear currently. The main one is DJing. Music production is well on its way to becoming another as I’m in constant development of my skills depending on where my intentions are creatively.


How long have you been DJing and what parties and DJs in Chicago influenced you to begin spinning on your own?

The Infusion Project had a heavy hand in influencing the choices of my creative career as a DJ. Within the last 4 of my 5 years I’ve been DJing, my involvement and efforts with the project advanced me to where I am today. Along the way, attending local events like Boom Boom Room, Queen, Superjane, Spork, NBFC, and 5 Magazine opened me up to the necessity of community not only for myself but for the future of music and everyone actively involved in the community.

Some of the key leaders I found to be pursuing the same purpose and has influenced me in my path are many I had the opportunity to share decks with. Schugar (The Infusion Project), DJ Hegemony (The Infusion Project), T Mixwell (Beat Chemistry), Acidman, Lady D (Superjane), John Mork (NBD, Nu), Noleian Reusse (Black Tekno), DJ Psycho Bitch, JD Samson, Czboogie (5 Magazine), Justin Long (Hugo Ball), Sevron (Hugo Ball) and Stephen P (Acid Test), to name a few.


I know you have a big part in The Infusion Project… Can you explain to us what that is and what your involvement in that entails?

In June 2011, I was introduced to The Infusion Project – a collective that supports like-minded artists of all levels and mediums through the everyday challenges of being a creative and business owner. Whether an individual needs resources, coaching or creative development, The Infusion Project provides support through each step in his/her creative career.

I began studying under Schugar, DJ/Producer and creator of The Infusion Project, while local residencies supported in defining my style as a DJ. Through my experience and the individual experiences of top level artists in The Infusion Project our latest program, Artist Pathway, was developed to support the individual creative being through an accelerated, guided, “choose your own adventure” style consulting program.

I now lead The Infusion Project nationwide in expanding our vision through building, coaching, and developing the community as a creative mentor.


You recently told me that you’ve been really getting into music production, how’s that coming along and what have you discovered in that process?

Music production is one of many opportunities I’m beginning to explore and develop my skills around. The main thing I’m discovering in the process is the need to constantly be producing tracks. Whether the sound results in what I want or not, it’s good practice to pump out tracks. Until I start releasing tracks, I’m focusing on creating relationships with record labels that support my style and vision as a DJ.


Tell us about your current residencies…

I teamed up with T Mixwell and Beat Chemistry for a new summer rooftop series called Simmer. We are collaborating our communities to expand our reach across the city of Chicago. The residency kicked off in May at 52Eighty Rooftop Lounge and is in motion to its next space.

I’m focusing most of my efforts out-of-state to develop my presence and reach more of my community nationwide so positive change can be made on a larger scale. Currently in conversation with a few DJs, that have personally inspired me, about creating opportunities in multiple cities.

You can catch me DJing at House of Sol (Chicago) end of July and Northwest House Music Conference (Portland) beginning of August.


You can reach Cachet via Facebook, Soundcloud and Mixcloud. And check out The Infusion Project on Facebook, Mixcloud and