DJ Jes steps up for Volume #2 of The 312, 5 Magazine’s Chicago House Music mix and interview series with the DJs that keep the Chicago House scene on top.

The 312 features sets and interviews with everyone from up-and-coming DJs to established legends, focusing entirely on the sounds and talent of the City of Chicago. Volume 1 was from Redux; Volume 2 is from our man DJ Jes.

DJ Jes needs no introduction. He’s been part of the city’s fabric of 2nd generation House pioneers. After a momentary hiatus he’s back and in full force with his new Casa Fresca night in downtown Chicago.

The interview picks up below the mix:


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So you’ve been a little absent for a while, but now you’re back! I know you never stopped working behind the scenes 🙂

I was absent for a little while due to personal court matters in regards to my son Davian. But you’re right, I never stopped working behind the scenes. Chicago is a workaholic city where DJs and artists evolve each and everyday, so you definitely gotta stay on your hustle in the Chi. Thank God I’ve been fortunate to never be forgotten by my fans.


So what new releases have you been pumping out and with whom?

I released a 3 track EP on Tardis Records based out of Germany and Sweden titled “Closer to Freedom”. I also just released another 3 track EP on Deeplomatic based in Madrid titled “Fancy Music.” I’m about to release a remix project for my friend Numo Dan “Feel it in Your Soul” and a remix for my friend Javier Carballo Hdez titled “Six” on Overall Music There will also be more releases on my Fresca recordings label “Spring Sampler Greatest tracks” (Vol 2.)


Your new night, Casa Fresca, I had such a blast playing with you and Heather! I know aside from featuring homegrown talent and out of town DJs as well, you have some plans for other things with that space right?

Absolutely… You and Heather played some great tunes, I was dancing all night! We plan to have artists painting live on Wednesday nights, along with dance classes for those that wanna learn how to groove to House Music. I’m really looking forward to them cause I can always learn a new move or two.


I’m always interested to see what new music DJs are feeling, especially ones that I haven’t seen out in the mix for some time. What are some of the producers that you’re playing now Jes?

At this time I’m really feeling these tracks:

Joey Negro – Do what you feel (Z Records)
Liquid Deep – You, We and I (Mentalwave Records)
Tee Blaq – Vasa Shiii (Jungle Records)
Miillok New5ense – Let it go (Black soul Records)
Kaiserdisco – Tidy Jill (Restore Music)
Munson ‘d – Skeye JD Powell rmx (Fresca recordings)
Roland Clark – I know you (Delete Records)
Numo Dan – Lemonade (Fresca recordings)
Alex Ferrer – Wonerlust (Deeplomatic Recordings)
Mr. V – Let’s Freak (Strictly Rhythm)

Essentials: Casa Fresca is Wednesday nights at Patron’s Hacienda (316 W. Erie, 8-2). You can reach Jes via Soundcloud and @DJJES on Twitter.