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Next up: DJ Moppy. Part of the Boogie Munsters, Cutz On Cuts, Moppy is seemingly everywhere at once – including, now, Detroit. where he’s “repping the crew and spreading the Gospel.” This is his second mix for 5 Mag; the last having been published in 2013.

The interview picks up below the mix. The handsome photo above is by Constance Kostrevski.


The 312 Mix Vol 17 presents DJ Moppy

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The 312 Interview with DJ Moppy


It’s been a couple of years since your last mix for us. At the time you were doing Cutz On Cutz, Boogie Munsters and some other projects. What’s the status of those?

Funny you ask. Right now I am at Campau Tower in Detroit using the Internet and promoting to a dude next to me about our Cutz On Cuts Show this Saturday. We haven’t been together for a show in maybe two or three years and I was able to get some people interested in reunion show in Detroit. I’m excited about coming together with those dudes again. We’ve been doing our things independently and it will be awesome to recreate some of the energy that helped start us.

Boogie Munsters is rolling strong. Tim Zawada, Shazam Bangles, Constance K, Frankie Sharp and all the other Hooligans are holding things down in Chicago. I been repping the crew in Detroit and spreading the Gospel. I been blessed the opportunity to bring several of the crew members out to play the Whiskey Disco and looking to keep expanding the Chicago/Detroit Connection.


What are you up to now?

I moved to Detroit in March 2015 and have been finding my way. I have been creating music & DJing and trying to do a million other things… Working on getting my Label (ARR) off the ground and into the arena. Its been quite a journey. I have a project with Lailah Reich that is done and goin’ to work on getting that on record as well in the near future. Working on a Hip Hop Group called Sci-Fidelity. We released a tape during the summer and working towards more. I’m just really focused on producing and recording and making music and making it sound original and organic and still have integrity… and having fun while doing it…


You sent me your record around Xmas – and I liked it lots but haven’t had the time to write it up yet. Tell me about Moppy’s Science of Sound?

Word, thank you, glad you dig. It was just an idea to get some of the production I have into the world. I think some people out there know me as a DJ and are not really familiar with the production I do. It is kind of a random culmination of ideas and songs that I put together for 12″ release. I have some collaborations with Lailah Reich, Constance K, JayVe Montgomery, Domenichi Morris, RTST, as well as a track by Beyond Luck w/ Radius Etc & Kenny Keys. It’s been about two or three years in the works and really excited to finally get it out.


That was Vol 1 so there will be more?

Hell Yeah! It’s interesting because I had the idea for the project and came upon the name later. Now I have been building ideas in my head as to how to do the next one. I think I will take a more scientific approach to Vol. 2 and let it progress with the volumes…

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