DSC spins a set for Volume #8 of The 312, 5 Magazine’s Chicago House Music mix and interview series with the people in your neighborhood – the DJs that keep the Chicago House scene on top.

Courtney “DSC” is part of a growing group of people that began the scene initially as a dancer, then moved on to the fine art of DJing. He’s been a mainstay of the local Chicago scene for a while now, always showing love and support for his fellow DJs. And if you stick around longer into the night, you may just catch him cutting the rug in a mean way…

The interview picks up below the mix:


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What part of Chicago are you from and where do you derive your musical influences from?

I’m originally from the Southside of Chicago. Born on 109th and King Drive. I attribute all my musical influences from my mom and dad. They had me listen to a vast variety of music ranging from classical to disco.


I understand you used to be part of a dance crew back in the day!

Wow… that seems so long ago, but yes, I was a part of a dance group called House-o-Matics. Then I got on a dance show called U Dance with B96 and tried out for a group called Phase II.


What do you think are some advantages to having first been a dancer and then learning how to DJ? Where do you like to find your music?

Well, being a dancer you have a ear for what gets you going. I mean there’s always a beat that makes you want to dance more and dance even harder. Then as I was learning to DJ you have a connection with the crowd. You have that feel of what can make a club pop and go crazy because you share that sense of rhythm with the crowd. With that being said, I go to a lot of different places to get my music. Of course you have Traxsource and sites like Mixcloud and Soundcloud, but I like to search off the main line and go for those couple of gems that are hidden.


What do you have coming up for the future, where can people see you play?

Come dressed in your best Star Wars costume as I’ll be hosting and spinning at the Jedi Knight School Sept 19th at 1912 Lounge in Chinatown along with DJs Lito, T. Mixwell, Mr. Latinhouse and a surprise guest.


What was the last set you saw that really inspired you?

The last set I caught that had me inspired, actually there were two: the first being Dennis Ferrer at Movement in 2012 and then it was Masters at Work at Boiler Room. Both were killer sets.