Mr.LatinHouse spins a set for Volume #9 of The 312, 5 Magazine’s Chicago House Music mix and interview series with the people in your neighborhood – the DJs that keep the Chicago House scene on top.

Mr. Latin House has been contributing a lot to the Chicago House community. Not only has he invited so many local DJs from legends to newbies to guest in his Slammin Saturday shows, but he also threw a kickass all day Labor Day party that was akin to a Chicago DJ family reunion. And when someone offers to shine the spotlight on so many others, we want to shine that spotlight on them.

The interview picks up below the mix:


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What part of Chicago are you from and where do you derive your musical influences from?

I grew up in Little Village on 21st Place & Washtenaw. As I was getting into music, of course most everyone was listening to B96, 90.5FM WCYC, 102.7 WBMX & 88.1FM WCRX. But what caught my eye was the way music was played. My influence was a DJ who grew up in the same neighborhood as myself. Everyone knows him as CZR (Cesar Hernandez). As time went on, just getting a piece of every DJ I heard play on the radio, taking a little from each one. There are too many DJs to include but most of them are from Chicago.


Tell us about your online show, how long have you been doing it, what your goals are for that show?

I’ve been doing internet radio for about 4 years. My break was with Peter Aparicio was the person who was able to get me on the internet along with DJ Rude Boy Rob. With Rob, we started The Friday Night Groove Parlor for about a year or so. Then after a vacation and discussing with my wife Mrs Sweet Latin House (Valerie) I decided to start my own show. I named it Slammin Saturdays and it was a great success. After a year passed by, I asked Mark Matras for help in hosting the show on a weekly basis. I had an opportunity to host another show on a different internet station ( on Mondays, so that there wasn’t going to be any conflicts with my Saturday show. But ChitownMusicRadio & myself decided that it would be best to just part ways. Once joining UGHTV, a different outlook for music started happening for not only myself but the show in general. I began listen to DJs that weren’t just spinning old school. I was intrigued about the different styles of music the guest DJs were playing. Ever since then my look on music has changed & I believe for the better. My goals have always been “To Showcase Chicago’s Best DJs” because without House music, life wouldn’t be the same.


Where do you like to find your music usually?

I go to Traxsource, Beatport, Juno, DJ Pools & get music from DJs that send promos or unrealeased tracks my way.


What do you have coming up for the future, where can people see you play?

Starting November 7th, Mark Matras & myself will be bringing back Slammin Saturdays to the internet on on a weekly basis. As far as playing in the city, I’ve been asked to spin at

EXIT Friday 10/30 for one of their Halloween parties and
Saturday 10/31 with Spence:Chicago at its 30th Year Mad Max Halloween party at Golan Studios/Atomic Imaging.

Other possible gigs include a guest spot with T Mixwell, Czboogie & Adamal.

Out of state cities include Penacola, FL (Ryan ChitowCuz), Akron, OH (Justin Bailey, Josh Gilliland, Mark Roscoe), Scottsdale, AZ (Walt Smith & Marc Fairfield) & Austin, TX (DenimLife, Mark Denim).


What was the last set you saw that really inspired you?

Well I cant pinpoint it to one set but I can say that there have been different sets done by many DJs that have inspired me to be the selector I am of music, such as Jackin Andy, Louie Gomez, Midway Hustle, Diz, Carlos Feliciano, Brian Boncher and many more. There have been too many great DJs that I continue to hear & get inspired by. Hopefully it will continue.


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