T. Mixwell spins a set for Volume #4 of The 312, 5 Magazine’s Chicago House Music mix and interview series with the DJs that keep the Chicago House scene on top.

T. Mixwell has been a constant fixture in the Chicago House scene, with a DJ dance card that is always filled and multiple residencies to boot. She’s a hard worker, and you can see her passion for the music whenever she rocks the decks. Some DJs fade away, some DJs take a break, and some simply stay in the same place. T is on a mission moving up and forward.

The interview picks up below the mix:


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[toggle title=”The 312 vol 4 Tracklisting By T. Mixwell” state=”closed”] Colette – Oasis – Scrubfish Remix (Unreleased)
J. Caprice – Let’s Get Motivated
Bodysoul – Luca M, Lexlay, JUST2
Life of a Party – Kerem Akdağ
Charity – Troy Mandalon
Flight – Waveform Bits
Last Forever (Ray of Light Mix) – X Sonik
DJ Sneak – Funky Rhythm – Scrubfish Acid Remix
So Smooth (Stupidizko Remix) – Tolkien 32
Baht (Original Mix) – Hermann Dius
Butomz (Filsonik Remix) – Aldo Cadiz
Rythme – Hip-J
Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Vocal)
Metadata – Strip Steve 


You’ve been keeping quite busy this summer I see! You’ve partnered up with Cachet for a rooftop series on Fridays yes?

Quite busy but busy is always good. Yes, Cachet and myself teamed up to do a summer rooftop series called Simmer. We started at 52Eighty, but right now we’re actually in the works of moving the rooftop series around to other venues throughout the city this summer. We’ve received interest from other rooftop venues to do the series there as well.


I enjoyed your night Shimmy when we stopped by there one Saturday after checking out the Bloomingdale Trail in Humboldt Park/Logan Square. How did you and DJ Heather come up with the idea to do a night?

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by that night as well. We’ve both always wanted to throw a night that would feature very talented local DJs. There’s so much talent right here in our own Chicago fishbowl. DJs from out of town that not too many people know about that are burning holes in dance floors, and a sweaty great vibe dance party. We’ve thrown our first two events at Township, and the next one is July 12th..


With all that said, are you still doing SPORK at Smartbar with Karl?

Indeed we are still doing Spork at a Smart Bar. This year so far we’ve had Demarkus Lewis, Honey Dijon, and recently Fred Everything in May. We put a lot of time into our night to really bring out the silly and fun side of House Music, a few of the things that made us fall in love with House Music from day one. You’ll be guaranteed to get a welcome to SPORK name tag and possibly decorations depending on our ideas.


Tell us about your upcoming productions that we can look forward to.

I just had a release on Radda Records come out and is now available. Future releases coming out on Blacklight Music, Grin Tech with Scrubfish, True House LA, and Sugar Shack Recordings. I promised at the beginning of this year I’d be producing a lot more. Staying true to my word and really enjoying it.


You can reach T. Mixwell via Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and BeatChemistryCollective.


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