This issue, 5 Magazine travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico to find the DJ for our latest 5 Mag Mix. Adam Warped is someone I’ve admired for awhile, both for his productions and his excellent and sometimes inspired A&R work. Adam’s label, Whiskey Pickle, boasts one of the most eclectic catalogs I’ve come across, and there’s a genuine sense of surprise when a new arrival shows up in the record racks.

Adam Warped: A 5 Mag Mix

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1. M.F.S.B. – “Zack’s Fanfare” Philadelphia International
2. The Kenneth Bager Experience – “Premiere Classe” (Beat Mix) Music For Dreams
3. Rocco & Esquivel – “Palta Con Crema” (Dubmaster Remix) Cosmica
3. Ichisan & Nakova – “Pionir” Nang
4. The Cruising – “WW Acid Trip” Whiskey Pickle (unreleased)
5. Dragonette- “Run Run Run” (Sunshine Jones Remix) Uniformbeat
6. Walter Jones – “Razzmatazz” Whiskey Pickle
7. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – “Saturn’s Return” Clarity Recordings
8. Hatterman – “One And All” (Fernando Remix) Trouble Maker
9. Inland Knights – “Walk On” Drop Music
10. P-Rez – “Jackin’ Coke” Whiskey Pickle
11. That Kid Chris & James Christian – “Stuck In A Dream” (Johnny Blackouts Remix) TKC Music Group


Adam Warped: The 5 Mag Interview:

I know your label better than I know the people behind it. Tell us something about yourself, where you come from & what you’re all about!

I came up in the early ’90s NYC club scene and the NY/New England rave scene, moved to San Francisco for a few years and eventually landed in Austin, TX. Now I’m currently based out of Santa FE, NM.

Is “Adam Warped” the only name you’re known by?

I’ve produced quite a few things under the name Johnny Blackouts as well.

I first heard about Whiskey Pickle through Gavin Hardkiss and it’s so eclectic that nothing you’ve released since then sounded like that record, or indeed like the other tracks you’ve released. How do you describe the label to people who have never heard it before?

Gavin and the Hardkiss brothers were a huge inspiration early on and it has been an honor to work with them over the years. I’d describe the our label as underground electronic music with a hearty lean towards the cosmic, psychedelic, and deeper more left-field disco directions.

You still do vinyl. How do you make the call between what is on wax and what isn’t?

After 30 digital releases we’ve actually just started doing vinyl this year. My partner in the label Davey Schacherl and I decide what projects to sign and what format. We really want the vinyl releases to be something special. Our third 12″(from NYC based producer P-Sol) should be arriving in stores any day now.

What is the scene like for our music in Austin these days? I mean both on a day-to-day level & for things like SXSW once a year?

Austin’s scene has had tremendous growth over the past 10 years. On a day to day basis you can pretty much find something great going on any day of the week.

SXSW seems to be scaling back on the electronic dance music, but it has been a couple of years since I was on staff so I’m not really sure what they have in store for next spring.

You play out quite a bit locally, don’t you? What other projects do you have going on?

I’ve been DJing for nearly 25 years now. Early on I toured the national rave/club scene from coast to coast as well as a bit internationally before finally settling down to some local residencies in Austin. I currently do a weekly Balearic/chillout show called STRANGE DAYS every Sunday from 1-3pm(MST) on with great guests from around the world.

Can you tell us about some upcoming shit for Whiskey Pickle?

Definitely! We have a 12″ on the way from Steve Cobby featuring a brilliant remix by Whatever/Whatever, a new 12″ from Blue Soul, a new Johnny Blackouts EP, a release from Hotmood, and a compilation representing my radio show STRANGE DAYS curated by myself and DJ Nova from Greece.

What can you tell us about your 5 Mag Mix?

Oh it’s typical to what I might play in a nightclub – some old, some new, something for me and something for you! About halfway in there’s a forthcoming Whiskey Pickle release from amazing Russian acid house producers The Cruising. I end the mix with my latest Johnny Blackouts remix of That Kid Chris & James Christian’s “Stuck In A Dream.” Enjoy!



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