“Timeless,” “peerless” – it’s a modern classic, and one of the minority of “rare” records that owe its coveted place not due to artificial scarcity but overwhelming demand. Dan Curtin’s The Silicon Dawn was released at a time when Detroit Techno was in full flourish and was a major catalyst to broadening the sound further.

In 1994, when The Silicon Dawn was released, Dan Curtin was one of the Midwest’s Techno heroes, a familiar name on the garish and trippy flyers of the era stretching from Cleveland to Detroit, Columbus to Windsor. The Silicon Dawn is another in a chain of reissues and original releases that have reminded the scene just what a remarkable talent (and part of the talent is being a remarkable spotter of talent) Dan Curtin is.

The Silicon Dawn is being reissued by Peacefrog, neatly coinciding with Dan’s Metamorphic Records’ first ever V/A compilation Interstellar Groove Addictions Volume 1 featuring Jacksonville, JEM, GOIZ and Dan himself, available on wax from Phonica.

And we’re pleased, amidst all this news, to present a new set from Dan Curtin for our latest 5 Mag Mix ✌️

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