Dan and Dan are back in the mix for vol 26 of A 5 Mag Mix, 5 Magazine’s signature House Music mix and interview series.

The UK’s extremely talented Danism is made up of Dan Liquid and Dan Nu:Tone, and we at 5 Mag certainly favor them. Their work is seen on multiple labels of high stature: Defected, MN2S, Code Red and Nocturnal Groove to name a few. Their most recent work, “East Coast/West Coast” with Train is with new label SoSure Music, filled with a wonderfully lush, deep groove that any DJ would love to sink their hands into. It’s out now.

Photo: Danism with Train.


Danism: A 5 Mag Mix

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Danism: The 5 Mag Interview

I still can’t believe you were the first DJs for our very first New Mix Monday! That was in December 2008. Do you remember that?

We do recall – time flies. Had no idea it was your first New Mix Monday. Thanks for having us back and we hope you enjoy the new mix.

So what’s been going on with you two in the last 8 years? Personal and career-wise?

Kids, parties and music. I would say that you see a Danism who are a lot more sensible and grounded now compared to 2008. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists and labels over the years and most recently they include Arnold Jarvis (on “Reciprocated Love” and “Fly Away” for Noir Music), Lem Springsteen from Mood II Swing and Symbol. We also did an EP for Shadow Child’s Food Music.

It’s great to be working with SoSure Music on this new single and we have a couple of new things signed to them for later in the year. We met Train in Ibiza and really hit it off. This new EP is the beginning of several projects we have going on together and we are very excited about our future collaborations.

Tell us how you started working with the new label and roster SoSure Music. I’m loving the East Coast/West Coast tracks! Tell us about them?

We have known the guys behind SoSure Music for a very long time and they seemed like a great fit for the new music we had coming up. We wanted to focus on the musical elements of our production while adding a contemporary edge; to bring that Henry Street sound from the 1990s into 2016. I hope we have achieved something original while still appealing to the producers and DJs of our generation. The East Coast/West Coast EP has the thumbs up from Nicky P, CJ Mackintosh, Lem Springsteen & Tedd Patterson. We just have to see how the younger DJs react to the project.

Where are you guys playing nowadays? Any chance we can see you on our side of the pond?

We played last week at the SoSure Music label party at Basing House in London which was really cool – a great, mixed crowd all loving the music. All the new music got an amazing reaction and we got to stretch out and play a longer set, which is always best.

As for playing in the US, Dan Nu:Tone is over regularly spinning his D+B but we have never played in the US as Danism. Maybe we will get the chance one day (fingers crossed!) but if not I just hope the music resonates well over there and everyone enjoys it.



And I can’t help but ask regarding the current affairs in your country… It’s definitely been the number one topic with every English DJ friend of mine on social media!

It’s been a tough week over here. I not sure who has less talent – the national football team who just lost to Iceland, or the politicians. Everyone has an opinion on what is going on and the younger generation seems to have been sold down the river and our children may have very different opportunities on the things we have taken for granted for so long. We can’t change what has happened so we have to find a positive way to, firstly, bring people together, and then work hard to build bridges with our neighbors.

We will leave that to politicians though. Music is the answer. #VOTEHOUSEMUSIC.

“East Coast/West Coast” with Train is out out now on SoSure Music.



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