Dirt Crew Recordings celebrates 15 years of breaking records with an exclusive new 5 Mag Mix plundering the record label’s deep catalog.

Ahead of our retrospective of the label in the latest issue of 5 Mag, Dirt Crew founder Break 3000 put together a dynamite mix sampling the flavors from what is widely considered one of the finest back catalogs for a deep house label in the world.

And here it is. As usual you can find this mix (and a few hundred others) on SoundCloud, HearThis.at and Apple Podcasts.

Listen: 15 Years of Dirt Crew – A 5 Mag Mix #90

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Tracklist: Break 3000: 15 Years of Dirt Crew

1 S3A: Friends (Art Of Tones Southern Soul Remix) – Dirt Crew Recordings
2 Felix Leifur: Unreleased
3 The Revenge: Work Out Right – Dirt Crew Recordings
4 Tigerskin: Check Mate – Forms & Figures
5 Dan Only: Someday ft. AHKI – Dirt Crew Recordings
6 Dampé: Zongo Junction, At Night – Dirt Crew Recordings
7 OUER: Inside – Dirt Crew Recordings
8 Lorenz Rhode: Jubilee – Dirt Crew Recordings
9 Sekou Babe: Treize Zero Zero Trois – Dirt Crew Recordings
10 Detroit Swindle: Tori Karaage – Dirt Crew Recordings
11 Laurence Guy & Harry Wolfman: The Shrew – Dirt Crew Recordings
12 Felix Leifur: Giving – Dirt Crew Recordings
13 Dampé: A Basement, Ten Years Ago Ft. C YS – Dirt Crew Recordings


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Dampé’s Garden EP from Dirt Crew Recordings is out now. Listen here:


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