Doc Link has been arming DJs for decades, and more recently been supplying fantastic tracks in a constant stream of new jacks making new beats via his MGD (Modulate Goes Digital) label.

So it’s about time. incredibly, this is Doc Link’s first mix for 5 Mag, but not his first interview: that was in 2011, when we talked with him and Eman together. Which was our point of departure – the interview begins below the mix.


A 5 Mag Mix by Doc Link

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Doc Link: The 5 Mag Interview

We last did an interview about five years ago. That’s a LONG time, and that’s my fault. Bring us up to speed: What have you been up to?

There’s been a lot of focus on me and what I want to put out here. I’ve done lots of collaborations with artists and producers in the past and I want to do some things on my own as well. I’ve been traveling but mostly creating – I sneak a few tracks in while I’m in the hotels or sometimes even on the plane! Still having fun with this so there are new experiences all the time.

I notice that very few of the records you release on MGD are your own. Is this part of a plan to put other people on?

YES! That is definitely the plan! I want to grab audiences even with artists that you’ve never heard of. There are all sorts of producers that I’ve always wanted to involve with the label and lots of new hungry artists with great tunes.

A lot of these guys are starting out or building their name. Who do you like & believe in among these guys?

Of course I love the artists on the label that most people know, like Demarkus Lewis, Dj Romain, Angelo Fererri, Demuir, Arturo Garces, Milty Evans, J Lettow… These guys make a lot of my “go to” tracks when I’m playing out. But I have to say that Ryan Truman, Veev, Matthew Brian and Chris Nigel’s tracks are often slept on.

You’ve seen everything and done it all in a variety of different roles. What is the “state of the scene,” in your view?

The scene has the potential to be better than ever in my opinion. I think that if there were more effort and focus on building nights and supporting others, it would be time better spent.

So many people complain about the way things used to be, or how things would be better if they were playing the event. There’s so much talent out here and there’s room for everyone.

Tell me about a DJ experience you had recently – good, bad, unusual?

I went out to Halifax, Canada to play a party. When I landed I was totally shaken down as if I were smuggling diamonds! They even searched my facebook for messages! The party was absolutely electric though, great times out there! Halifax knows House!

Do you see yourself as a DJ that produces or a producer that DJs? Like, what do you think you’re a natural at?

I think I am more of a producer seeing that I’ve done quite a few tunes in different genres. If I wanted I’m sure I could create something in any genre but I’m not so certain that I could rock a crowd playing any genre.

Doc Link – Doc Link – MGD

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