Chicago’s Eric Welton – better known to the record-buying public as Emmaculate – is profiled for his solo productions and his work with Terry Hunter’s local hit factory T’s Box Records in the latest issue of 5 Mag.

He also contributed this latest 5 Mag Mix.

“These are just some records I love,” he tells us. “I have a diverse taste, so I just play music I love. Expect a few unreleased joints in here too!”

You can find this mix below. For this and a few hundred others follow us on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Apple Podcasts.

Listen: Emmaculate – A 5 Mag Mix #91

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FUTURE/CLASSICAL: This was originally published in 5 Mag issue 180 featuring Kate Simko, Rudosa, DJ Emmaculate, Microdot & more. Help support 5 Mag by becoming a member for just $1 per issue.