We are thrilled to present a new mix from one of the most dynamic and promising talents to rise up through the ranks of spiritually deep and cosmically soulful electronic music in the last several years.

From Italy, Gigi Testa has been something of a phenomenon, working with choice producers and vocalists right out of the gate. He’s collaborated with legendary vocalists Kenny Bobien and Joi Cardwell. Joe Claussell’s Atypical Dopeness has pushed his previous 12″ (World Peace Music presents Nibiru Humans: Jupiter Transit) and the rambling, rolling jazz jam Rio Grande, forthcoming on wax this Fall. And as DJ, Gigi just appeared in Chicago on the bill for the Chicago House Music Festival afterparty, sharing a bill with Louie Vega, Joe Claussell and Ron Trent.

This is a spectacular set by Gigi that we’re thankful to have and pleased to share with the world. ✌️

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Here are the previews from Rio Grande:

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