We are delighted to present this exclusive 5 Magazine mix by ultra-talented Serbian producer Igor Jadranin.

Igor’s distinctive melding of wide-ranging influences has made fans out of a veritable dream-team of global heavyweights including Gilles Peterson, Kenny Dope, Laurent Garnier and Ashley Beedle, the latter going on to sign Igor’s Boulevardd EP to his Back To The World label. With more projects for Back To The World upcoming and global DJ bookings rolling in, Igor’s 5 Magazine mix effortlessly takes in off-kilter house, disco and dance-floor jazz both old and new, resulting in one truly memorable hour of invigorating musical education.

Igor Jadranin: The 5 Mag Mix

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Igor Jadranin: The 5 Mag Interview

Where in the world are you right now?

Right now, I’m in Belgrade, the capital of the southeast European country of Serbia, and my hometown.

How do you think growing up in Serbia shaped your sound & style?

Reminds me a little bit of the situation in the mid/late-’80s in Chicago. A lot of crime, gang wars, splitting into smaller countries (Serbia was a part of a federation of six Republics called Yugoslavia), sanctions, NATO bombing; touching the bottom and trying to make something from nothing. You can be very creative in that situation. I think that’s the key of success of our people and why there are so many Serbs that are very successful today in the world. We were very limited with everything. Luckily, the electronic music scene in that same period (mid/late-’90’s) was very much alive, and helped lot of young people to survive that horrid period, including me.

How is the scene in Belgrade? Where should we visit and which DJs should we look out for when we visit?

Belgrade is the city of nightlife and always has been. The oldest club in the city was opened in 1967. It’s called “Secer” (Sugar) and is still open to this day. With ups and downs like everything in life, it looks like our scene is growing up. In the past few years we’ve got many new clubs, bars and re-opened places. What is attractive for the first time visitors are also the floating clubs, all around the Sava River. Most of them are even open during the winter. The best thing is that you can be on several different venues in one night. Everything is in the center of the city.

About the places, visit Boat 20/44, Barutana, KC Grad, Drugstore, bars and clubs around Savamala, square in Cetinjska street, Secer… As for the names, try to catch Vlada Russ, Trole, Brka, Spacewalker, Petkovski, Marko Nastic, Dusan Kacarevic, Aleksandar Ivkovic, 33.10.3402, MKDSL, DJ troops like Beyond House, Mystic Stylez, Happy People, just to name a few…

Touching the bottom & trying to make something from nothing: You can be very creative in that situation.

You’ve attracted the support of so many of the world’s key tastemakers. What does earning the respect of such legends mean to you?

Getting respect from names at the top means more then a lot to me. It gives me more confidence and proof that I’m on the right path. Also, faith to continue trying to do something different with my music and push it more.

Do you find DJing and producing to be separate disciplines, or do the two inform each other? What has DJing taught you about production and vice versa?

They are separate disciplines, but definitely inform each other. DJs are great listeners. These disciplines taught me how to combine things and listen to details, taste music arrangements, make differences and choices…


Ashley Beedle has become a huge fan of your music. How did you two first connect?

I’m also huge fan of Ashley Beedle’s work, ever since I was kid. As I follow his work and latest releases from “Back To The World,” I decided to write him a message and send some of my material. Ashley and Jo (his partner) listened to my music promptly, and soon after that we had a video conversation via Skype, where they explained that they wanted to do an EP with me. A few weeks later, he also surprised me with stunning unexpected remix for the track “Middle Proves” which blew me away. I worked long and hard on this material and think that my EP is on the right label. I’m happy to be part of the same.

Talk us through your 5 Mag Mix. Is the track selection representative of what you play in clubs, or more of a “home listening” affair?

The mix represents my taste. From house, broken beats and techno to funk, jazz, soul all around. This is a preview of everything I like to listen (to) and play.

Have you visited Chicago before? What does the city mean to you?

Unfortunately, no, but I hope someday in the near future I will. As birthplace of House music, I could only experience it through music from the likes of Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers, Fingers Inc.), Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy, just to name a few.

Where is your favourite place to play?

Everywhere where the true music lovers are.

What is your most treasured piece of studio equipment, and why?

Mostly, everything in my studio. I have pretty simple equipment. I always loved practical tools, something to use every day. For example, I’m Steinberg DAW user from the beginning. I have their CC-121 controller, which allows me to be faster in their workspace and be more precise in mixing. Also, I have a lot of fun in recording sessions with my egg shakers and maracas, ha!

Who are your favourite artists right now?

I never had that category, but currently I’m enjoying in Steven Julien’s and Hanna’s latest albums, Ge-Ology, Dego’s work, Chaos In The CBD, Lay-Far, OL, Tiago, Project Pablo, SFV Acid, J. Albert and the latest album by Vakula is great.

What’s coming up next for you (gigs, remixes and releases)?

There are some gigs coming up. Also, I continue to maintain flow of new releases. I just finished two remixes for upcoming albums by Waterson and Renegades Of Jazz. They will be out later this year. I’m working on another EP for Back To The World, as well.




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