After releases in 2010 and 2014, the once-mysterious “Franc Spangler” has made a return to Delusions of Grandeur with the fresh, fun, and “mighty-fine” EP “Next to You“.

“Spangler” is the once-secret alias of Freerange founder and deep house savant Jimpster, launched at the same time as the Delusions of Grandeur label:

“These days music fans and DJs alike are always searching for the latest up and coming music or most hyped new label or genre,” Jimpster tells 5 Mag’s Lauren Krieger in the new issue of 5 Mag. “New trends have a shorter shelf life than ever before, especially in Europe. So it just hit us that we’d been doing Freerange for around 15 years and we wanted to challenge ourselves to setting up a new label. Even though my ‘Franc Spangler’ tracks are not so different in style to Jimpster it feels good to have an outlet that I can try different things without confusing the hell out of regular Jimpster followers.”

Next To You is out now on Delusions of Grandeur.

In addition to the interview Jimpster takes over our 5 Mag Mix series this week with a brand new, exclusive mix. Listen below, on SoundCloud, HearThis or via iTunes ✌️😍

Listen: Jimpster – A 5 Mag Mix #84

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