New mix from and interview with Kevin Bumpers for volume 18 of A 5 Mag Mix, our flagship House Music mix and interview series for 5 Magazine.

Kevin Bumpers is holding the torch strong for the underrated city of Cleveland, both as a phenomenal DJ and for his long standing GrooveHaus parties. A humble and generous man, he is everyone’s favorite friend and DJ.

Our full interview with Kevin Bumpers follows the mix below.

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Where are you from and where do you derive your musical influences?

I was born and raised Cleveland Ohio. My musical influences run the gamut and are closely tied to the different times in my life where I was exposed to new music. In the 70’s my parents raised me on a lot of Disco, Soul, R&B, and Pop. In the 80’s my high school friends introduced me New Wave and Alternative and the early 90’s is where I was bitten by the underground bug. I fell in love with House, Techno, UK Garage and Jungle and that experience forever change my life! After 20+ years and several DJ residencies later I’m still doing what Iove!!!


Tell us about your Groovehaus parties, you’ve been doing them for quite a while now and with lots of success!

Yes Groovehaus has been going strong in Cleveland for three and half years now and we are very happy with the way it’s growing. It really came about because back in 2012 I complained that Cleveland needed a night devoted strictly to House music so my wife Danielle asked me, “Well… what are YOU going to do about it?” So I came up with the name and concept of what it would look like and then she encouraged Darrell Stout and I to work together on it. She’s the brains of the outfit!


Where do you like to find your music usually?

Friends reccomendations, listening to other DJs, promo lists, and sites like Facebook, Twitter,, Soundcloud & Mixcloud then I’ll head over to or to purchase them. I’m loving those 15-20% off codes that Traxsource sends out!!


You’ve also started a radio show with Grant Nelson’s new online radio station?

It’s call D3EP Radio Network and I and beyond excited to be part is this group of incredible DJ’s! My Show is called Groovehaus Sessions (7pm EST on and it came about because in February 2014 I drove from Cleveland to Detroit in a terrible blizzard to see Grant play at Grasshopper Underground. I’m a massive UKG fan and I was convinced this might be my only time I would get to see him live. I waited 20 years and I was NOT waiting anymore. So after his set he and I hung out and afterwards we kept in touch. When I saw him post on Facebook that he was looking for DJ’s to fill the roster for the network I jumped at the chance and it’s been amazing!


What was the last set you saw that really inspired you?

We had DJ Spen come out to Groovehaus back in June and I am still in awe at what he can do behind the decks. I remember walking around and seeing the joy in everyone’s faces and thinking… damn, Spen is a beast!! House is a spiritual thing and that night we all got taken to church! I have a couple of his labels tracks from Quantize Recordings & Unquantize in this 5 Mag mix.


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