As part of our Issue 147 cover story, Kevin Yost put together an exclusive mix for 5 Magazine. You can read the interview here; and as he said to Kev Obrien:

Q: Are there any specific tracks you can mention which bring you back to that place and feeling based on a recording you used in it?
Kevin Yost: There are a few. One I remember very well is when I was in Panama for a gig and was staying in a nice house right on the beach. I had my stuff set up outside and as I was making music I just recorded the beach sounds live and there was a very unique bird making noise while I was recording.

Q: Well, that sounds blissful. Can you recall that track title specifically?
Kevin Yost: I’ll have to look… Ah, it’s called “Breakfast Sonica.” It’s unreleased actually, but what I can do is put it in as the first track on the mix I do for you guys!


And here it is. Read the rest of the interview here; follow us on Soundcloud for more 5 Mag Mixes, podcast and classic House Music sets.

Kevin Yost: A 5 Mag Mix

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