Classic Music Company co-founder and friend to all freaks Luke Solomon mixes Vol #13 of A 5 Mag Mix, 5 Magazine’s flagship House Music mix and interview series.

The freaks come out this Friday, August 21 as Classic Music Company co-founder Luke Solomon makes a return engagement to Chicago at Primary Nightclub (tix here). On his way into town, Luke took time out to make A 5 Mag Mix for us (more than 2 hours long!) and sit for an interview on the rebirth of Music For Freaks and his thoughts on the Chicago House Music scene over time.

The interview follows the mix below. You can reach Luke via | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

This exclusive set for our A 5 Mag Mix series follows mixes from Tyree Cooper, Till Von Sein, Groove Junkies, DJ E-Clyps, Henry Street Music founder Johnny D., Jeremy Sylvester, DJ Godfather, Mr. Mendel, Naeem & Gusto, Parris Mitchell, Zernell and Kool Vibe.



Between the time we started talking about this in late July and now, there’s been a new announcement that you’re bringing back Music For Freaks with Justin. Why now?

Something we have been talking about for a while – we have been planning for over a year – we approached people about remixes – and everything fell into place. It was flattering to see how many artists were willing to take on remixes … Ricardo did 4 remixes for us – which was kind of nuts


What can we look forward to from MFF?

Remixes from Villalobos, Soul Clap, the Martinez Brothers …and many many more …and we have a ton of unreleased material that may well see the light of day.


You’ve spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years and I think you’re pretty widely regarded as an honorary citizen by the scene here. Based on what you hear out of the city, are you encouraged, discouraged or uncertain about the future sound of Chicago?

It always feels like home from home for me. I’m actually in Chicago with my family at the moment. It’s the first time my ninjas have visited the city and it feels good to show the next generation of Solomons around.

Chicago always holds a special place in my heart regardless of what I think of the scene. It continues to inspire me musically. I constantly discover new things here and a lot of that stems from relationships I have built here over the last 20-plus years….

I also am feeling a new generation of DJs and producers busting their way through internationally. Classic is about to release a Chicago EP on vinyl very soon that features Chrissy, Shaun and Alinka, Rahaan and Black Madonna …

Those are a few of the newish school that are doing it for me big time.


I feel like everybody I know in the arts these days (including me) spends as much time doing administration and paperwork and thinking Deep Thoughts about the Future of Music/Media/Publishing and how we fit into it. Do you find that true? How do you stay inspired amidst that kind of drudgery?

Oh man – it just kind of comes with the job now … be creative … get online and tell people you have been creative … engage with your audience … and so on and so forth.

I don’t mind all that so much to be honest. It doesn’t get me down. The internet gets me down but that’s a whole other story. The future of music makes me nervous – making a living from steaming …but all of that aside, I still feel a passion to make music and I still have something to say as an artist and a DJ …

I also still have a point to prove, and that drives me through it. I work hard and will continue to do so until I am old and grey … Oh, wait …


What can you tell us about the mix?

This mix was actually done as a warm up for a club I was playing in the north of England on the same night.

I went in the studio and got carried away mixing … and it just kind of worked out. Quite a few new things that I wanted to road test along with some bits I had been playing for a while.

It was basically just two hours of playing live and getting down. I only listened back to it the other day and I had to shazam some of the tracks as I had forgotten what they were!


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