There is an underlying honesty to music made and played by Manuel Tur. On his own productions it comes through as breathtaking simplicity, a clean and deeply compelling approach to making deep house music.

By aesthetic this sort of music belongs on Freerange, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that Manuel Tur would make something of a home for himself (and for his side project Clavis) on Jimpster’s acclaimed deep house imprint. His latest – Organic Reach EP – marks his first solo release on the label in five years.

It also shouldn’t surprise us to find his studio habits spilling over into his DJ style. A Manuel Tur set is about music selection over effects – as on his original productions, his style is characterized as “clear and straight-forward without tons of tricks. Both at the studio and the club, an EQ is still the most powerful tool we have.”

Listen: Manuel Tur – A 5 Mag Mix vol 76

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