Some are born for music, but Natasha Kitty Katt was born for disco. Introduced to soul, funk and the roots of disco at a young age, she’s become a modern underground disco phenomenon, lighting up dancefloors at Southport Weekender, Suncebeat, Glitterbox, Liverpool Disco Festival and more. Her music has appeared on respected labels Midnight Riot, Tribe and her own Ghetto Disco Records, which shares a name with the bi-weekly podcast she co-hosts. We’re thrilled to feature this short profile to go with a bangin’ new 5 Mag Mix.

Listen: Natasha Kitty Katt – A 5 Mag Disco Mix vol 83

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Hi Natasha, I remember finally meeting you at last year’s Southport Festival and it’s such a pleasure to finally have you here with us at 5 Mag! How long have you been playing soul and disco and how did you get your start?

Hi! Lovely to catch up again. Soul and disco has provided the soundtrack to my life. Since I can remember, my parents have been filling my ears with this music. Nostalgia instantly hits as many of the tracks of this genre are played. My dad is an avid, obsessive (I mean really obsessive!) record collector. He’s been a connoisseur of all things modern soul and I am forever grateful for the musical upbringing I have had. I am more in touch with the high-energy, heavy bass fueled disco for my sets, but my heart always has such a soft spot for pure ’70s modern soul music.

Everyone always says that for a DJ to truly get their respect, they have to show that they can play a disco set. What are some tips you can give to DJs who have yet to master that part of the craft?

Don’t play safe. Safe is boring! Dig deep, look further. Break beneath the surface, there is a whole world of underground disco dying to be unearthed.

Tell us about your Ghetto Disco Radio show! I like that name!

Ghetto Disco has been on a big of a hiatus recently due to logistics. I run this show with my dad who is currently in Philadelphia and I have recently dismantled my studio on top of this, so finding the time to bring this show back on the airwaves has been tough. However, I am not one to sit about and we are playing on relaunching in the upcoming months with something special…

We’ have been fortunate to have some unreal guests on this show including Linda Clifford, Melba Moore, Lenny Williams, Margie Joseph and James Mason to name a few. We’ve also had mixes from the likes of Rahaan, Sadar Bahar, Mad Mats, etc to name a few.

I see that you’ve started delving into music production! How long have you been making tracks for and can you tell us a little about what you have out or about to come out?

I have been in and out of studios learning, observing and working my ass off for the past five years and have been putting out tracks for the past three. My debut EP Twisted Katt came out on my Ghetto Disco Records label (which I also run with my dad). My new EP Katt Eye, Bangs & Disco EP which features my latest track, “She’s Cruel” (no reflection on me, I promise!) out on Paper Recordings. In between, I’ve had both vinyl and digital releases on a variety or top-notch labels including Tropical Disco Records, Masterworks Music, Midnight Riot! Hot Digits, No Fuss Records, Tribe, Situationism and Ghetto Disco Records.


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