I first came across Ortella from his Mad in Lyon EPs, released on the routinely brilliant Rutilance Records label based in France. Tracks like “Reflex” and “Work That Shit” were (and remain) DJ stand-bys, at least among my friends.

I had to know more about the guy releasing these tracks, including the quixotic “69k-001” released on a new imprint called (of course) Mad in Lyon Records.

So meet Ortella. Here’s a mix and an interview with the man behind the madness.


The 5 Mag Mix by Ortella

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photo by Xavier Andujar


The 5 Mag Interview with Ortella


The two Mad In Lyon EPs on Rutilance were the first records I heard of yours. They are fantastic – I bought the first a few months after it had been out when I discovered it on my own. What can you tell us about those two records?

Thank you very much, I’m happy that you like them. I’ve known DJ Steaw since 2009 but we were not really in contact. I listened to his tracks in a loop without knowing that he was the producer.

I sent him a message to see what was new and he asked me if I had some tracks for Rutilance, quite simply. I was the first one surprised with the success of the first Mad In Lyon EP. That’s why we decided to make the second.


And now you’ve got a label called “Mad In Lyon Records?” Is that just you?

The first and the second release will be produced by myself but the others will be produced by friends or people having some connection with Lyon.


What producers that are making records right now do you like?

Many good producers are present today, the list would be long and would be full of young producers. I would just say I keep my eyes and my ears open, because many young producers are coming up in force in France.


What producers from the PAST (or old records) do you like?

I love the ’90s UK Garage of Richard Purser, Jeremy Sylvester and so on. Also the House Music of Chicago, New Jersey but depending on my mood I love listening to the Dub Techno of my German neighbors.


How important was it to have your records on vinyl?

I have nothing against the mp3, of course. But I when the music is on vinyl, the artist has the feeling of having reached his goal. He has something real in his hand…


I stumbled across a couple of EPs you did in 2009 for Deeply Rooted, DJ Deep’s label. Were these your first records?

My first EP was on one of Enrico Mantini’s labels in 2008 and Deeply Rooted was in 2009 but Rutilance is the first label to release my tracks on vinyl.


Aside from being Mad in Lyon, what do you have coming up?

Now that the second EP on Mad in Lyon is on the way for mastering I have time to finish up other EPs for other labels.

Also, I’m lucky to have the opportunity from the beginning of this year to have a residence at the Terminal Club in Lyon with my partner Kais, with whom I created “Mad in Lyon.”

You can reach Ortella via facebook, facebook.com/madinlyonrecords, soundcloud.com/or-tella and soundcloud.com/madinlyon. “69K 001” from Mad In Lyon Records is available from juno.co.uk/products/ortella-69k-001/595598-01/.


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