Those who desire to take their music to another level will always stand out among the crowd. Pablo Bolivar is one of those artists, a discerning DJ and producer whose distinctive, intriguing style of quality-driven house and techno sets him apart from the rest. His studies of sound engineering and work as an audio engineer have given him a mature understanding of the music, helping him become one of the most notable names of Spain’s electronic music scene. His releases with imprints such as Decoder Muzique, Culprit, Moodmusic and Curle Recordings, spread his sophisticated sound even further, while his diverse DJ sets have gained him fans across the globe.

Pablo Bolivar: A 5 Mag Mix

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Pablo Bolivar: The 5 Mag Interview

Through his two labels Avantroots and Seven Villas, Bolivar has had the opportunity to share exceptional music from a diverse list of artists, allowing his reach to expand beyond his own work. With Avantroots, Pablo Bolivar and Aphro Sainz have released a mix of styles, from dub to instrumental hip hop, ambient, IDM, dubstep and house, each with soul and emotion taking precedence over trends and genres. Seven Villas is his latest project, established in 2014 and continuing to make an impact on the industry through its message “Musica Para Estar.”

The newest release on Seven Villas truly embodies this message, a reprise of Sensual Physics’ Traverse featuring Pablo Bolivar’s dubby, ambient, extended versions of the label’s popular 2016 release. While the core of each original remains intact, each track gets a sophisticated rework that flows beautifully to create a complete and emotional journey. It’s music that’s designed to really listen to, to get lost in and to appreciate no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing. Much of the success of this Reprise comes from the fact that Pablo has been inspired by Sensual Physics’ music for many years, the respect for his music evident in the care he took with his tracks, connecting to the originals while offering something distinctively his own.

Through each of his projects, the overriding principle is that of creating deep music that makes you feel deep feelings, anytime and anywhere. Pablo’s mission can be heard not only through his productions and labels, but through his DJing as well. As his music has become more refined, his sets are reflecting the growth and maturity of his sound. Transformative, emotional and mesmerizing, they encourage you to surrender to the sound, to just let yourself be in the moment, and to listen to the music’s message. His 5 Mag Mix is the perfect representation of this, its dark and mysterious grooves flowing with an ever evolving energy that you can really feel.

With a newly renovated studio and an energy fueling him to take on the new year, we can expect to hear a lot more from Pablo Bolivar, and I was excited to catch up with him to learn more:

Hi Pablo, it is nice to meet you! How are you feeling at the beginning of this new year?

Hi guys, nice to meet you too! I feel good with positive energy, I am doing some upgrades in the studio and will start to produce new music soon.

Between all of your projects, how do you find a sense of balance and inspiration?

Well I think all the things that surround me inspire me somehow, I like to have the feet in the ground and work everyday in my different projects.

What do you aim to express, or hope that listeners experience, through your music?

I like to make melodic music that goes with you everywhere, music that makes you dream awake, always with deep meaning, could be joy, sadness or melancholy, it depends the person.

What is the spirit behind the Seven Villas label, and what does the motto “Musica Para Estar” mean to you?

The spirit is to release quality music that you can listen in any situation, in the club, driving, cooking, walking, at home, traveling… that’s “Musica para estar” – music to be where and how ever you feel it.

What inspired the idea for a reprise of Traverse and what was your approach to the project?

Sensual Physics inspired me a lot back in the 2000s, now we have a really nice relationship and I love to release his awesome music. His album Traverse is very special, he made it traveling around Europe, in a mobile studio. At some point in his travels I asked him about the idea of making Traverse (Reprise) and he was happy with it. It has been an honor to work with his sounds – very satisfying!

Pablo Bolivar mixes

What else is coming up for you that you are excited about?

I’ve just made a remix for Tigerskin, another of my heroes. He did a collaboration with my friend Mazi aka Alfa State, it’s called “Slippery Roads” and it’s released now.

Also looking forward for my next solo EP, it will be released on Einmusika around April. We have a new EP from Pulshar coming soon on Avantroots, the vinyl will be out in the coming months, keep an eye out!

Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics’ TRAVERSE (REPRISE) is out now from Seven Villas. Buy it digital from Beatport.



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