Bringing the Trouble Funk sound to the masses, Paul Trouble Anderson was also one of the first DJs to play House music in London. He joined Kiss FM in 1985 and, after it went legal in 1990, took over the prime time Saturday night spot. “Trouble’s Original Mix Show” lasted 8 years and inspired a generation of music lovers.

Updated 12/02/18: One In A Million: Remembering Paul Trouble Anderson

Gilles Peterson recalls, “I used to play upstairs at the Electric Ballroom and I would sneak out whilst playing a long jazz record and go and listen to Paul playing early electro tunes… He is one of the most important people in London club culture, and Soul II Soul and all that stuff came off the back of Paul Anderson and let’s not forget that.”

We are honored to finally have this legendary founder come and bless us with a 5 Mag Mix and an interview as well.

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Paul Trouble Anderson: The 5 Mag Mix

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Paul Trouble Anderson: The 5 Mag Interview

So Paul I’m really fascinated by your dance background I’ve read so much about! You were boogieing down way before you were mixing? Is it true you used to dance for Diana Ross?

Well in the ’70s & ’80s I was a dancer. I danced in clubs up and down the UK from an early age. I was dancing in youth Discos at the age of 11 or 12 while playing football and doing other sports. I was also in a few dance groups. I was in Body & Soul dance group in the mid/late-’70s and Bosa Nova in the ’80s. I did not dance with Diana Ross unfortunately, but I did dance in one of her videos as well as Taka Boom, Chaka Khan’s sister. More recently I also danced in Soul II Soul’s videos.

Throughout the ’70s I was a warm up DJ for big mainstream DJs.

Can you tell us more about what the “Trouble Funk” sound was? How did you acquire that name?

Trouble Funk was a quite big sound in those days. I got the sound system from my Uncle Derek who built the sound back in the ’60s. Back then it was a Reggae sound, I converted it into a Soul, Funk, Rap, Boogie and Rare Grooves sound. In the ’70s and early ’80s I was known for my passion for Go-go music – hence “Troublefunk,” one of my favourite Go-go bands at that time.

Troublefunk was an incredible outfit, with the sound from DC, the home of Go-go. Arguably I was DJ Trouble of Troublefunk. That is where my name “Trouble” was born. I was probably one of the first to play this sound that time in London. Go-go for me derives from Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers’ “Bustin Loose,” which I still love and play at any opportunity.

There is more I could tell you about the wonderful Go-go sound, but nuff said for now.

Your story about fighting cancer is so inspirational. How long did you fight it and what were some of the lessons you took away from that struggle?

To be honest I am still fighting every day, I take one day at a time and then I move on to the next. It is a lot of medication treatment and pain. I don’t talk about it much but I work through the physical pain. When I am Paulforming the pain is distanced until the music stops.

We are honored to have you do this mix for us. Can you tell us a little bit about the songs in it?

About the tracks in the mix, well I’ve always throughout my career played my music from the heart, because music is a language of feelings. I change with the times, but I keep my roots. The tracks in the mix are a reflection of this. From New Day – Caron Wheeler, Louie Vega 2016 to For the Love of Money – Disco Dub band 1976. I first played Disco Dub band back in 1976 and am still playing it now, how cool is that?

Paul Trouble Anderson on MiSoul Radio


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