Tyree Cooper became a household name when he was blazing the forefront of the Hip-House and Acid House movement in Chicago during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

His first 12″ record, “I Fear The Night” (with vocalist Chic) became a cult classic, followed by “Acid Crash” (1987), “Acid Over” (1988), “Turn Up The Bass” (1988/89), “Let’s Get Hyped” (feat. Kool Rock Steady, 1989), “Let the Music Take Control” (1989) and “Hardcore Hip House” (1989).

Now residing in Berlin, he is currently working with Bobby Starr as Jack the Box and has his own label Chicago Vinyl Records. You can catch Tyree playing all around the globe from Paris to Glastonbury, San Francisco to Chicago.

Tyree has done a bunch of mixes and features with 5 Mag over the years, including cover profiles, Tyree in the studio, mixes from various points in his career and so on.

This is his latest, a new 5 Mag Mix from the Chicago legend. ✌️

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