5 Magazine DJ Series presents DJ Alan King

Note: The 5 Magazine DJ Series was a monthly CD series released in a limited edition from March 2007 to November 2008. We featured mixes from legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Gene Hunt and Terry Hunter to the next generation of hard-working Chicago House Music heroes, distributed for free on CD in the Chicago area.

You know him. Even if you think you don’t – believe me, you do. The influence of Alan King is everywhere in House Music. He’s hosted thousands on his dancefloor through a career spanning three decades. An original member of the Chosen Few DJ crew, Alan and his cohorts spun at seminal stations in House Music’s history, from the Tree of Life, Sauer’s and the Loft.

cdIn a September 2007 interview for 5, Chip E. remembered that the first time he ever heard this new form of music was at the Loft. He vividly recalled the first song he heard – “Disco Circus” – and also the DJ that was playing it: Alan King. Follow the genealogy – from the people that Alan turned on, to the people that they turned on – and you’re talking about an influence on millions around the world.


DJ Alan King: 5 Magazine DJ Series

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In 2000, Alan returned from a 15 year “retirement” and he hasn’t skipped a beat. You can hear Alan both at the Chosen Few Picnic July 7th at 63rd & Hayes, as well as at the first of the monthly 5 Magazine Release Parties, being held this month June 6th at The Dating Game (8926 S. Stony Island, 6pm-2am).

And, more to the point of this tribute, he’s also done a mix for the June installment of the 5 Magazine DJ Series, available in for free limited CD promos around town as well as being available free for the downloading below.

“If I had to describe my style as a DJ, whether it’s playing out live or making a mix CD, I guess I’d say it’s very music-focused. I try to offer a seamless presentation of very good music, and then basically get out of the way for the dancer or listener to get into it. In my experience, when people hear ‘their song’ they don’t want to hear only one minute of it or a lot of tricks.”

“I make a lot of different types of mix CDs, depending on my mood or the intended audience. For this one, I really wanted to combine some new music with some of my favorite tracks from the last few years, topped off with some old school flavor. One of my passions these days is trying to introduce my fellow ‘old heads’ to some of the great house music that’s still being made.”

You can reach Alan at askhoop@aol.com.