Aiby and The Noise

Four Play Sessions is a mix series from Chicago’s Four Play Music and featuring the talents of Mr. Andrew Emil & Friends, published each month exclusively for 5 Magazine.

Curated by Andrew Emil, this month’s set is from Barcelona duo Aiby and The Noise:

“Aiby & The Noise is the result of two good friends with a mutual love for music. A passion for collecting, building and modifyng synths and other musical curiosities. After many years of rocking it behind the decks independently, they finally decided to join forces in the studio.

“Aiby was a bit weird as a little kid, and even then was quite fascinated by music and performance. You could probably go so far as to say that her first “gigs” were the mad rants she would perform at a ripe 5 years old. Jumping up on tables at cafes or any public place that played music to charm the people around and drive her mother nuts. Shortly after, she also made sure every family reunion had a little song and dance by the young Aiby. Thereafter, began her telephonic golden era of randomly calling people and sharing her greatest hits. For this little busybody, Djing, making music, and singing seemed to be the natural next step.

“With The Noise, the story is kinda similar, however instead of the public loving, he was all about the machines. He started producing and DJing really young and as soon as he could, he kick started his label Justified Cause recordings. Besides being a mad collector of synths, he’s become a master in the studio.

“Now these two unique beings have come together and have been remaking old Booty House tracks, Disco edits, and their very own fresh productions.

Aiby & The Noise have a couple of tracks out right now – “Everything is Changing” from Joshua Iz’s Vizual and “Past Tense” from Intimate Venues.

You can contact Aiby & The Noise via Soundcloud, Twitter or Facebook.

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