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With the passing of Phil Asher, we dug into our archives and fished out the original Phlash and Friends 5 Magazine Mix, which our old archives show was first published on September 14, 2008 and which the metafile on the original mp3 says was recorded on July 25, 2008.

I don’t remember for sure all the details, but either the mix or some of his recent records had been sent via the post on CD, since online transfers for mix-length mp3 files were still somewhat unstable. Even having an online mix to accompany an interview in those days was sort of breaking new ground — SoundCloud was less than a year old and still crawling out of beta mode at that point.

However it worked out, this was one of the first half dozen mixes 5 Mag ever published, using bizarre and themselves inherently unstable Flash players to try to handle the delivery of music. Over time websites get moved, servers die, technologies are discontinued and files like this slip through the cracks. Until now.

Here was a quote we published from the interview with Phil Asher in our September 2009 issue:

I have produced/remixed music of all types – Soul, House, Downtempo, Broken Beat, Jazz, Electronic Boogie. So, I can transcend scenes quite easily. For example I’ve been booked to play at Southport Weekender in the Powerhouse (the House area) as well as the Beat Bar (formerly the Bacardi Bar, known as the alternative dance room at Southport) where you can hear Techno, Broken, Boogie, Soul, Jazz, Funk – basically all types of electronic or live dance/black dance music. I’m known as a House DJ and producer, but some people out there still get surprised when they’ve heard a House tune by me – mainly because they’re used to my Downtempo stuff, and vice versa with the Funk/Soul Heads. I’m on my lil’ island enjoying all sorts of vibes, frequently checking the mainland out for new inspiration.

RIP Phil, nobody did it like you. Nobody could.

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  1. What an amazing inspiration he was. Such a wonderful person full of soul & humanity. What a kind & modest guy he was. So talented & loved by those who knew him. May he RIP

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