One of the first DJ sets we ever posted just to post it – we didn’t have a series, or a name, and frankly it was hard to even get a 60 minute+ DJ mix to play on the internet’s flash players ten years ago. Here’s the text as it originally appeared (minus the parts about control-clicking to download or enabling pop-up windows for dedicated audio players):

Starting in October, 5 Magazine is beginning a new feature called New Mix Mondays – mixes from some of the world’s top DJs as well as our emphasis on the local Chicago scene. We have a little bit of catching up to do, so leading off this early edition of New Mix Mondays is Atnarko. The Florida-based DJ and producer is of the most talked about up-and-comers in House Music in the United States both behind the tables as well as in the production studio.

Atnarko’s own releases have been pressed for imprints including Movim Recordings, Tango and Detour, and his collaboration with Huggy (as “Formidable Force”) appeared on 2020 Vision. His tracks have appeared on compilations from OM, Fabric, Street Beat, Fat City and many more.