Alexander Robotnick has always been a forward-thinking producer – I mean, if you’re looking for an illustration for an encyclopedia entry for a dance music visionary said to be “ahead of his time,” you won’t do better than to snag his pic.

So about six years ago, I saw that he had created a massive, 2.5 hour mix looking back with fondness, even love on the Italo era and asked him if we could publish it. He agreed, and this was the result: a special edition of our New Mix Monday set featuring Alexander Robotnick playing Italo classics (including his own “Problèmes d’Amour”, and starting with what is the best Italo track ever made in my humble opinion, BWH’s “Stop”). It blew up everyone’s iTunes folder by its sheer size. I think it was the first time we ever published a “non-exclusive” mix and Lord was it worth it…

Fast forward to today. I found a bunch of mixes that had been squeezed off our site during the last server move, including this one, and realized that sometimes you have to share the love. So here it is, Alexander Robotnick’s Italo Disco set from April 2012, restored from our archives and propagated on our SoundCloud, HearThis and MixCloud accounts.

Alexander Robotnick: Snapshots of a Happy Time

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The quality was not the best in the original (2012 problems, right?) but it definitely captures the spirit.

Classic Robotnick photo by Chicago’s Mike Rosley.