Acid House on the Radio: Armando on WBMX 1987/1988

Armando Gallop at his roughest, rawest, most uncompromising.

There was a time when you could turn the dial on your boombox and hear the churn and squelch of Acid House on mainstream Chicago radio.

That time was the late 1980s, and we have audio evidence of it: this mixtape by Armando Gallop, apparently recorded by a fan. But the quality is far superior to Armando’s Live at the Warehouse mix posted earlier this week.

This is one of my favorite Armando sets ever: rough, raw, uncompromising.

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A note (which delayed the posting of this by a day): there’s a jump at 24:05 that you’d have to assume was either an error on the tape or the end of the side of the cassette tape it was recorded on. Don’t dislocate anything.


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