Boo Williams

Strictly Jaz is a moniker that has been well-worn by Boo Williams and Glenn Underground in the last 20 years. In terms of original music, you have the Defender albums (The Parables of SJU, Future Parables) and a series of brilliant Deep House EPs involving a cast including (at different times) names like Tim Harper, Vick Lavender (later of Mr. ALI and his solo work that’s found a huge audience in South Africa), etc.

The Strictly Jaz mixtapes come from that era, often being a split with Boo Williams on one side and Glenn on the other. Strictly Jaz Vol 4 though is strictly Boo, broken across four sides, at least as we found it in a mixtape archive. It’s by no means rare, and that’s because it’s really f’ing good.

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