mike huckaby

We’re picking this back up. Our classic mix series highlighting some of our favorite mixtapes from the dawn of House Music until — I guess? — the early 2000s ran for several numbers and included some fantastic sets. Some of my personal box-tickers: Derrick May at the Barn (1989) and Armando Gallop on WBMX 1987/1988. If you have any mixes you want us to feature here, send them our way.

Here’s an old school tape, Side A and Side B split featuring Mike Huckaby playing some raucous, hard f’ing hell Techno in Japan in 1995. Generally our policy here to keep them split up if they’re found that way so there are two mixes embedded here.

On iTunes On HearThis On Mixcloud

Nothing much else known here outside of how facemelting-ly magical this is! If you have more details, fill us in.



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