Scott Hardkiss DJ Mix: Yes


Another mix from the legendary Scott Hardkiss. Yes was released in 1996 and unlike most of the Scott Hardkiss mixes here was a product of the studio rather than a live DJ recording.

According to discogs:

This mix was created by Scott Hardkiss in the Hardkiss Facility, San Francisco, during the summer of ’96, using turntables, two mixers, a cd player, two dats & an adat, some computer stuff, a sampler, an old synthesizer, a couple of tin cans, a tape delay, a smoke machine & disco ball, an effects unit, a rubber hose, and a bunch of other top-secret shit.

The playlist:

1. ???: Les Enfantes 0:29
2. Electrotete: I Love You (Danny van Wauwe, Peter Ramson Remix)
3. One Dove: White Love (Psychic Masturbation Mix)
4. The Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (Part One)
5. Crucial Introspection: Long Way From Home
6. Hawke & God Within: Acid Funk (Scott’s Next School Acid Funkadelic Mix)
7. Sandals: Feet (Next School Frog Mix)
8. Crucial Introspection: Indian Summer
9. Indian Vibes: Mathar (Featuring Paul Weller)
10. The Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (Part Two)
11. Unknown Artist: Pop In Record
12. Colourbox: Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse
13. Orbital: Belfast
14. Fila Brazillia: Subtle Body