This is another live recording and DJ mix in the files sent to us related to Chicago House Music producer and DJ Spencer Kincy, aka Gemini. Unlike the previous mix (Live at Deep in the Flowers), there was no discernible information available with this file – just a large MP3 with a continuous mix clocking in at nearly four hours.

A little bit of research led me to believe that this was recorded at Staple, a long-running House Music residency in San Francisco, sometime in May 2000. This would coincide with roughly the same period when friends remember Spencer Kincy had moved out to the Bay Area for what would wind up being a temporary stay.

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Further information was supplied by New York-based DJ and producer Ulysses. In an email, he confirmed that he played that night on the same bill with Spencer Kincy. After giving this mix a listen, he was even able to identify, roughly, when each set began: Staple promoter and DJ Fil LaTorre plays roughly up until the 28 minute mark, then Ulysses up to the two hour mark, with Spencer Kincy taking it the rest of the way home. We’re indebted to Ulysses for his help and his remarkable memory of events that took place nine years ago.

Here is Spencer Kincy live at Staple:

For the complete file with sets by all 3 DJs that played that night, the setlist based on Ulysses’ recollection looks roughly like this:

  • Fil LaTorre: 00:00:00 to 00:28:00
  • Ulysses: 00:28:01 to 02:00:00
  • Spencer Kincy: 02:00:01 to 03:45:30

And the complete recording of Fil LaTorre, Ulysses and Spencer Kincy is preserved here:


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