DJ Hyperactive

Here we are now – Volume 2 of the Slap Jaxx Podcast – the SLAPCAST, if you will – a new Techno mix series curated by Angel Alanis exclusively for 5 Magazine.

Volume 2 is a set from Chicago techno legend DJ Hyperactive – this is an all-vinyl set, recorded live here in Chicago at Primary Nightclub.


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Hyperactive has been playing records since the late 1980s, and is one of the true giants of the Chicago underground. He’s released music for Contact, Drop Bass, Communique, Missile, Sm:)e, Plus 8, 4 Track and, well… you can read about all of them here. Suffice to say, you did not grow up in this city listening to electronic music without hearing this guy bang.

You can contact Hyperactive via SoundCloud,, Twitter, Facebook.


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