Marvin Prather is Eternal Student — a veteran Detroit DJ, party promoter, a fixture from the early days of the scene and one of the true musical heroes in a city that never seems to stop surprising.

Marvin grew up in the days of the Music Institute and after school sessions with Radio Shack mixers and whatever records everyone could buy. And then, after decades in the scene and forty years of musical study, he blew us away with “Hear Me Though,” his vinyl debut on Moods & Grooves. It opened a new chapter in a career that it’s correct to say began both in his teens, when he began DJing, and in his early 50s, when he made his first tracks.

If you need inspiration, Marvin’s story will provide it — the profile in this issue is one of our favorites we’ve published this year. And if you need an inspiring deep house set right now, we have you covered too. Eternal Student’s cover mix for our latest issue is “a mix of some tunes I’ve been digging lately,” he says, “a couple of throwback and ends with an unreleased Eternal Student track.”

Photo here by Mike Grant.

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🔴 Eternal Student: 5 Mag Cover Mix Tracklist

Avant, Terry Hunter: Can We Fall In Love
DJ Spen, Jovonn, Tasha LaRae: Soulful Storm
Josh Butler, Kerrie Anne: On The Edge
Jovonn: Get Over It
Jovonn: Random
Paul Johnson, Stacy Kidd: Hear The Music Remix
Mike City, Ian Friday, Josh Milan: Seems Like Forever
Sofia Rubina: Make Me Beautiful
Diogo Strausz, Ron Trent: Emancipacao
Lalo Leyy, Lee Graves, Morris Revy: Free
Eternal Student: Tafiya (The Journey) (Unreleased)



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