Franktronic mixes this week’s SLAPCAST, the Slap Jaxx Podcast techno mix series curated by Chicago’s Angel Alanis exclusively for 5 Magazine.

Franktronic says he’s a “Chicago lifer with an unoriginal story”:

He spent the ’90s like everyone else — buying mixtapes, DJing in his bedroom, and dancing at basement parties. But one night, in one of those very basements, he heard a new sound that would change his life. A sound that, he would later find out, was called Techno. He now devotes his life to bringing the gospels to the people of his home towm. The gospels of Hood and Mills; of Surgeon and Clarke; of Ruskin and Broom; of Flores and Liebing. Yea, the great gospels of our time.


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Slap Jaxx is the name of one of the prolific Mr. Alanis’ labels, and through the Slap Jaxx Podcast we hope to shine a light on a diverse stream of Techno DJs and producers with a focus right here on Chicago and the Midwest.



Binary Opposition (Process 3) – Phase
Plex (Dubfire rework) – Harvard Bass
The Outsider – James Ruskin
Strange (To Stability) – Dustin Zahn
IJAK – Angel Alanis
Animal Instinct – Gecko, Heckmann
Teeth (Surgeon remix) – Xhin
Around – Locomatica
Chilean Evite – Komprezzor
Molecular Riots – Chemie
X – Jonas Kopp
Sentinel – Clatterbox
Interdicted – Locomatica
The Mouth Of Montreal – Dustin Zahn
Falling Down – Andrei Morant
Atol – Surgeon
Peaches (Coronation) – Blawan
The Speech – Wehbba
Heavy Metals – Adam Marshall