“The reason I make the records I make is mostly to play them in my DJ sets,” Belgian-born DJ Gratts tells 5 Mag in this issue’s interview.

“That doesn’t mean they need to be dancefloor tracks. I play a lot of slower, mellower, weirder, deeper stuff out.”

“I am obsessed with tracks that work in different environments. That is true class to me: music that works in a club but that also has enough depth to be played on the radio or in a bar.”

Gratts’ cover mix is “a mixed bag of tracks I’ve been playing lately. A couple of bits of my own thrown in for good measure. Some CD digs. Some double copy action. The last track of the mix is a bit of an oddball ’80s Aussie jam I’ve been playing.

“This is very much what it would sound like if you hear me play.”

This is the cover mix for 5 Mag Issue 208, out now. Click here to see more from this issue.

🔴 Listen: Gratts – The 5 Mag Cover Mix

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🔴 Tracklist

1 — Club Soda – Basso e Batteria (Relative Reprise) (Flexi Cuts)
2 — Cobra – The Music We All Need (Slippery Edit) (OTTI)
3 — Gratts – Mount Olympus (unreleased)
4 — Stargazer – El Grito Lindo (Gratts’ Long Version) (unknown)
5 — Club Soda – Basso e Batteria (Instrumental) (Flexi Cuts)
6 — Club Soda – Basso e Batteria (Original Vocal) (Flexi Cuts)
7 — Twin Freaks – Agent Cooper Lurvs Coffee (SSR Records)
8 — Air Siam – จังหวะ สี่ (Maarten Edit) (Poy Sian)
9 — Gratts – Pretty Lights (Original) (Ft. Brandon Markel Holmes & Leito) (Wolf Music)
10 — Jogada – Coco De Pista (Jogada Remix) (Púca Sounds)
11 — Gold Suite – Crush (forthcoming on Be Strong Be Free)
12 — Guy Tallo – In M’n Armen (Martino Edits)
13 — Audio Soul Project – Say Yeah (Abstract Beating System Remix) (Fresh Meat Records)
14 — Acidsex / Matt Star – Acid Pad (Acid Sex)
15 — Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – City And Stars (Kryptox)
16 — Mr Assister – Masonic Forest (BEAM)
17 — Icehouse – Great Southern Land (Regular Records)

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