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Welcome to Inside the Greenroom, a new podcast from 5 Magazine. Join our Editor-in-Chief Czarina Mirani with Managing Editor Terry Matthew as they run down the issues of the day, music industry news, House Music news and happenings, events, our Editor’s Picks and more.

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Inside the Greenroom Episode #1: The Death of Digital? Show Notes

1:00 – Radio Shack still exists.
2:00 – Czarina does yoga at Zen Yoga Garage. Terry did yoga once and did not feel in alignment. 🙁
3:00 – What is 5 Mag? Subscribe. Calendar. Etc.
3:50 – History of the various 5 Mag radio show/podcasts/talky things –,
6:00 – 5 Mag’s new audio series w/ mixes from Zernell & Kool Vibe and up next, Dance Mania’s Parris Mitchell woot woot
6:30 – Frankie Knuckles memories. Why Frankie Knuckles didn’t like to offer downloadable mixes (it’s not the answer that you think). Listen here to The Gift Mix, rescued from our archives.
8:30 – Editor’s Picks:
Czarina’s Editor’s Pick:
Alex Agore: I Can’t Take It (Free Download what)

Terry’s Editor’s Pick:
Rick Wade: Choises & One Step from the hip hop instrumental album Golden Harvest (on sale at Rush Hour)

18:30 – New iPhone, new OS X Yosemite
19:00 – Oh and by the way iTunes sales are collapsing down a reported 13 to 14% this year holy wow
20:50 – Spotify cannibalizes single downloads; sales of digital downloads maybe weren’t the “future of music” after all but just an interlude
21:00 – “If Beatport were a separate company and had to show a profit, it probably could right now.”
22:00 – DJs still need physical music, but Beatport’s Future: Looking more like Soundcloud?
26:00 – Another possible future of Beatport…
28:20 – Thom Yorke: Not a Spotify fan
30:30 – Omar S basically thinks this whole thing is hilarious
31:50 – Listener thoughts on this? Email us or leave a comment below.
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33:15 – on twitter: @5Magazine, @czboogie, @terry5mag
34:00 – Halloween events – Primary / SmartBar
34:30 – Evil Olive redecorated
35:50 – Next Wired Fridays with Chosen Few’s Terry Hunter Nov 7
36:50 – 3 Degrees Wednesday now at GrandBar
37:20 – Our latest issue with Gant-Man

Outro: Alex Agore: Show U Love

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