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Note: The 5 Magazine DJ Series was a monthly CD series released in a limited edition from March 2007 to November 2008. We featured mixes from legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Gene Hunt and Terry Hunter to the next generation of hard-working Chicago House Music heroes, distributed for free on CD in the Chicago area.


Leonard Part Sixx: 5 Magazine DJ Series

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To call the DJ/remixer/engineer responsible for the world renowned Underdog Edits hard working would amount to a gross understatement. After becoming Terry Hunter’s engineer in 2005, Leonard Part Sixx has worked for Kenny Dope, Ron Trent, Ron Carroll and many other labels and artists the world over. And the fact that he has remixes for Ciara, T-Pain and Chris Brown slated for release in the near future is a strong testament to his range as an artist. One might reasonably predict that you can’t keep this so-called “Underdog” down for long. Leonard is the subject of this month’s 5 Magazine DJ Series, with a mix available in CDs around town and free at 5chicago.com.

Born and reared in Chicago, Part Sixx embarked on his musical odyssey at age 12, when he began record collecting. Part Sixx started DJing at age 15, and was fascinated by edits and mixes crafted by legendary DJs such as Walter Gibbons, Shep Pettibone, Jonathan Fearing, Tom Moulton and Francois K. “I was amazed by the way each managed to give character, depth and tonal beauty to long forgotten sounds.”

Part Sixx credits Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Tee Scott, Michael McNeal, Frankie Knuckles and Leroy Burgess for influencing his understanding of and approach to his own re-edits.

“A re-edit, when done correctly, can be a powerful way of reconnecting the listener to what they loved about the song in the first place. My goal was to piece together the cosmic energies of these classic and rare rhythm and grooves and make them my own personal statements to the dancer and the dancefloor.”

Be on the lookout for Underdog Edits: Volume 11-20, remixes for Terry Hunter (w/Shane: “Superstar,” and w/ Teresa Griffin: “Wonderful”); Stone Island w/ Carla Prather’s “I Waited For You”; Joe Smooth: “Promised Land ’07” and Tomi: “Baby Get Down.”


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