Recently, we unearthed a collection of DJ Paul Johnson mixes from 2008 to 2012-ish that had long ago slipped off our server and into the void.

This is the first.

Wrapped up in myspace links and references to other dead social networks, this mix predates the era when we began numbering our mixes and if it’s ever appeared on SoundCloud, Mixcloud or any other platform, it wasn’t put there by us. This mix (like all mixes in fact) also features quite a few of what he calls the “Paul Johnson Get To The Point Edits” – quick trims or rearrangements of tracks to fit them just-so in his own sets.

The “Chicago/Miami” in the title most definitely refers to the Winter Music Conference, which was most definitely a thing back then.

And that’s probably all the intro we need. Enjoy!

Paul Johnson “Chicago/Miami Mix” – 5 Mag’s NMM (March 23 2009)

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