Phil Asher is one of the most influential DJ/Producers to emerge from the UK. A self-proclaimed music lover with no particular ties to any specific kind of music, Phlash, as he’s also known, has been at the forefront of all-things-good-music since the late 1980s. From garage mechanic to celebrated DJ/producer, he’s worked with people ranging from Roy Ayers to Peven Everett.

5 Magazine’s Shani Hebert interviewed Phil for our September 2008 issue, which you can pick up on the streets now.

Here’s a quote from Phlash on the subject of DJing and producing such a wide variety of sounds from the interview:

I have produced/remixed music of all types – Soul, House, Downtempo, Broken Beat, Jazz, Electronic Boogie. So, I can transcend scenes quite easily. For example I’ve been booked to play at Southport Weekender in the Powerhouse (the House area) as well as the Beat Bar (formerly the Bacardi Bar, known as the alternative dance room at Southport) where you can hear Techno, Broken, Boogie, Soul, Jazz, Funk – basically all types of electronic or live dance/black dance music. I’m known as a House DJ and producer, but some people out there still get surprised when they’ve heard a House tune by me – mainly because they’re used to my Downtempo stuff, and vice versa with the Funk/Soul Heads. I’m on my lil’ island enjoying all sorts of vibes, frequently checking the mainland out for new inspiration.