New Monday mix from Evan G for 5 Mag’s RISE ☀️ series.

🎧 Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Evan G is defined by the raw, soulful, and jazzy sounds that underscore the city’s eclectic and passionate house music community. With a deep understanding of rhythm and an ear for the perfect mix, Evan has become known for his ability to create a sonic landscape that is both lush and layered, drawing on a wide range of influences that combine the best of soulful, jazz-funk, broken beat, and deep house. He looks at each song as a long time friend, and believes in creating an intimate relationship with the music as it speaks freely through the mix. Evan hopes to find music that heals the soul and holds the generational torch of true-school house ideology.

🔴 Listen: Evan G Mix ☀️ RISE vol 12

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