Sista Stroke

Sista Stroke mixes volume 190 of New Mix Monday, 5 Magazine‘s weekly guest mix series.

Sista Stroke is family, and has been from the time she lived in Chicago and 5 Mag was just getting off the ground 8 years ago. So in addition to her new mix (which she calls Freak[tronik], we did a little catching up with our girl:

How have you been? Whatcha been up to? Where are you?

I’m great! I’m still living in London, though miss sweet home Chicago all the damn time (especially in summer)! I got involved with The Boogie Firm PR, as well as OMD International agency, and put my education plus 20 years experience in the music industry to work. And I truly love what I do; working on campaigns for quality brands that consistantly push boundries during the day, while pushing new artists/DJs, promoters, and events who are making people boogie at night keeps me very happy and busy.

Musically, whatcha got going on?

I’ve haven’t been up to as much production as I’d like in the last 4 years, since stepping away for a while after rediscovering my love for DJing again. It’s a tug-o-war for me because I love doing both; but sometimes one or the other suffers. It seems you’ve caught me at the “falling back in love with production” phase again, though, because I’ve been doing a lot of NuDisco and Down-tempo, and keeping the House to the remixes; like the one I did for London-bred Indi-artist, Rohan last year. I’m also super proud of signing on with my old band, GrooveMatters (w/ Karina Nistal & Devi Genuone), to produce our next album which already has Downtempo, R&B, and a few House cuts. If anything, it’s been super fun working with them again! It gets pretty weird after this point … I’ve also been doing vocals for tracks for producer-family like Lurob, and the Flosshatt Digital boys, DJ Pha5e & Furmit. I don’t know, they think I can sing… we’ll see where the future in that goes 😉

Where can people listen to you now?

I’m super proud to say that in March I’ll be celebrating my 5th year with “Freak Freely Fridays”. It’s funny because it started as a show I inherited from Maseo’s “De La Soul’s Dugout” and DJ Dummy, and I never thought that it would take off like it did because it was – literally – the only show that played underground House music in the Dugout. While our audience kept growing on Ustream, I was given an opportunity to take it to a more specific market when Amsterdams Most Wanted Radio extended an invitation of full reign to unleash the Freak on the pirate waves. Since joining the AMW family I’ve seen a significant increase in our audience, and I’ll never regret the move. I go live every Friday night at 9pm GMT/3pm CST.

You can reach Sista Stroke via: | Facebook | Twitter


01: – Burnin – Crazy P
02: – I’m For Pleasure (Claptone) – Dirty Minds
03: – Sunday Shoutin (Robosonic Rework) – Disco Kool
04: – The Worm (The Worm) – Brooklyn Soul Biscuits
05: – Ya Dig – Karizma
06: – Hear Me (D.C. vs. DJ Bang Uptempo Re-Run) – Samson
07: – Brooklyn Heights (Scrubfish Remix) – That Peruvian Boy
08: – Smack It Up – Dave Dubbz
09: – You Know – Dope Tona
10: – Club Soja – Joss Moog
11: – I Get Deep – Roland Clark
12: – Beatz For Da Life (Original Mix) – JR From Dallas
13: – Noire (Nev Scott Remix) – HB Sauce
14: – Make My Day – Maurice Tamraz
15: – Fall Down On Me (Derrick Carter BHQ Voodoo Dub) – DJ Spen pres Rachel McDonald
16: – Red Hot – The 1200 Warriors