Aniche sees sounds as colors, shapes and textures. Born with synesthesia (no, really) he puts that to work on Prologue, his EP forthcoming on April 10 2020 from Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction label.

“Drums are hugely important to me,” he says, “and every track on this EP is an evolution of experiments with percussion. The Himalayan Soul subtitle references a sub-style I’m pioneering, and Enchanted Gold is actually #2 in that series (#1 is on the Miami sampler) so expect a lot more where that came from!”

He also provided a new mix for 5 Mag’s #StayHomeDisco series, featuring some of the music from Prologue and debuting now:

Listen: #StayHomeDisco – Aniche: Funtimes for 5 Mag Mix

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🔴 #StayHomeDisco – Aniche: Funtimes for 5 Mag Mix Tracklisting

00. Intro, for 5 Magazine.
01. Aniche – Little Green Leaves [KīVA Remix]
02. Jain – Makeba [extended edit]
03. Teenage Mutants – Magic
04. Rene Amesz – Big
05. The Deepshakerz – What To Want To Get
06. Red Axes – Ho Chi Min
07. Krewcial – Mabina
08. Angelo Ferreri – Beginners
09. Mike Woods – Turn It Up
10. The Chemical Brothers – Get Up On It Like This
11. Aniche – Monica [5 Mag Dub]
12. Aniche – Lipservice

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