Among the more prophetic lyrics of the pre-Quarantine Era, one has to secure a special place for Hifi Sean’s “Heavy” with Crystal Waters. Does anything else capture the zeitgeist of our times more than “The whole world’s in ruins, fuck me”?

In Harold Heath’s 5 Mag cover story on the track, Sean and Crystal were at pains to point out that “Heavy” wasn’t just about the UK exiting the European Union. “I would like to make the point it’s not a ‘Brexit record’ and I would hate for it to be thought of like that,” he said. “It’s a record for our times in general.”

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Three new remixes of “Heavy” are out now on promo release on Traxsource. Of particular note is a remix by Jamie 3:26 and Danou P, but they’re all marvelous interpretations of a track that has captured the spirit of the times.

For this week’s first #StayHomeDisco set, we have a mix from Hifi Sean, originally recorded for Heidi Lawden’s show on Dublab. And the fantastic black and white photo above is by the uber talented Gavin Mills.

Listen: #StayHomeDisco – Hifi Sean Dublab mix

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