Our next #StayHomeDisco set comes by way of Closer To Truth Records. Honeydripper, aka Steven Gevenich is a Canadian producer, musician and deep house producer. As we wrote in our review of his Haven’t Lost Hope EP, the guitarist has previously written, performed and released music in other genres and “if he sticks it out through the dull moments and soul-sucking nihilism of the digital music industry circa 2019 he’s one that we’re going to have to keep an eye on.”

We’re pleased to see he has, and we are. 🙂

Honeydripper’s next two releases are the Maybe EP on Hustler Trax (April 13 Beatport exclusive) and What You Do on Closer To Truth (May 11 Traxsource exclusive).

Listen: #StayHomeDisco Honeydripper April 2020 Mix

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🔴 #StayHomeDisco Honeydripper April 2020 Mix Tracklist

1. Honeydripper – What You Do (forthcoming on Closer To Truth) Honeydripper – Not Red
2. Honeydripper – Be Transformed
3. Honeydripper – Haven’t Lost Hope
4. Honeydripper – All About You
5. Honeydripper – Monte Don’t Play
6. Honeydripper – Maybe (forthcoming on Hustler Trax)
7. Honeydripper – Cookie Cutter
8. Honeydripper – Feel Something (forthcoming on Substation Recordings) Honeydripper – I Thought You Were Melting
9. Honeydripper – Let Me Go
10. Honeydripper – If You Love Something
11. Honeydripper – Sunday Street
12. Honeydripper – Monte’s Groove

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