Jarle Bråthen is a DJ, producer and curator in the realm of Nordic Disco and House.  He is currently situated in Berlin, where (during normal times anyway) he DJs at different venues such as Crack Bellmer and Salon Zur Wilden Renate. He also runs his monthly residency called; “FjernstYrt” at Kreuzberg’s Bohnengold. Jarle Bråthen has releases on Correspondant Rec, Luv Shack Rec and Midnight Riot/ISM Rec, Walking Disco, Bogota and Beatservice Records. His latest releases include Fjernstyrt Mexicaner and Sweep It Clean (bonus pack).

Listen: #StayHomeDisco with Jarle Bråthen (Vinyl Mix)

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🔴 #StayHomeDisco with Jarle Bråthen (Vinyl Mix) Tracklist

1. The Diaphanoids – Where Were You in 5079 (Toby Tobias Dub Mix). 
2. Rahaan – Brighten You Up. 
3. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Hold Em ( Eddie Richards Remix). 
4. 6th Borough Project – The Formula ( Dub Vibes). 
5. Rodion & Mammarella – Escape From Kyoto. 
6. Secret Squirrels #20 – Track 01. 
7. Lee Stevens & Domino – Vacances en Afrique. 
8. MCDE – Raw Cuts (Recloose Remix). 
9. Shmlss – Utashinai. 
10. Jarle Bråthen – Clean Not Mean. 
11. Alex Gopher – The Child

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