Kohib is an important member of the Tromsø electronic music scene as a club organizer, DJ, and producer. His debut was on the Prima Norsk 3 compilation in 2005, followed by an album, a remix album, and a string of highly regarded EPs and singles. Kohib has had success both with his electronica-style releases (the track “Hear This” from his debut album was licensed to the Buddha Bar XIV compilation) as well as his dance floor releases for Beatservice, Sprechen, Cibicaldi, and SpinSpin NYC.

Kohib’s album “In Mountains” will be released on Beatservice on May 24 2020.

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🔴 #StayHomeDisco with Kohib Tracklist

1. Kin Tooku – Kohib
2. Fiction (Marc Pinol Remix) – The XX
3. Clean not mean (Ivaylo Deep not Mean Remix) – Jarle Braathen
4. Honey Comb – Matisa
5. Mink & Shoes (Dub Mix) – Psychemagik
6. Yes he is – Sweely
7. Hue (feat. Music Academy Students) – Red Axes
8. All is Changing feat Dominique Leone (Syntax Erik Remix) – Fjordfunk
9. Preassure – Gina Breeze
10. Dream City (Zombies in Miami Remix) – Benjamin Frölich
11. Italovest – Kohib
12 Skatebård loves you – Skatebård

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