We are thrilled to present today a new mix for our #StayHomeDisco series from Funk Style Quality, aka FSQ.

Funk Style Quality is a six member production team founded by the late great Sa’d The Hourchild Ali and Chuck Da Fonk Fishman, who met in the mid-1990s as touring members of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (P-Funk):

After a deep brainstorm to find new ways to reinvent themselves for the dance music world, Chuck and Sa’d brought Soul Clap, George Clinton and Sly Stone together for a legendary 2013 collaboration at Red Bull Studios Los Angeles. Also instrumental in that historic recording session was 8 time Grammy nominated producer G Koop. The trio – Chuck, Sa’d and G Koop then became FSQ – a production team committed to creating original funk music, across various styles (northern soul, disco, house music) with supreme quality. FSQ formed under the auspices of this P-Funk / E-Funk project.


Soul Clap launched the group in 2014 with the FSQ debut EP, “Zulu Congo Call,” and marvelous FSQ remix work appeared on future records from the Soul Clap Extended Universe including Lonely C and Kendra Foster’s “Hold Up” and Nona Hendryx’s Keep Funkin’. Other FSQ remixes can be found on labels ranging from Midnight Riot Records, ULTRA Music, Wolf + Lamb, BBE and many others.

We’re thrilled to have this mix full of new FSQ music, some of it exclusive to this mix. FSQ artwork above by P-Funk visual artist R Stozo.

Listen: #StayHomeDisco with FSQ

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🔴 #StayHomeDisco with FSQ Tracklist

1. FSQ Intro
2. FSQ featuring Jack Priest – Shades of Yello – Beatcapella Balearic Mix
3. FSQ featuring Dolette McDonald – What They Don’t Know
3. Lonely C – True (Cake and Eat It Too!) – FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix featuring Billy Bass Nelson and One Era
4. One Era – The Pull
5. FSQ – Dancefloor Democracy – Dr Rubberfunk Remix Instrumental
6. Michael The Lion – The Changer – FSQ Remix
7. Dejavilla featuring Kat C.H.R. – Feel Me Running Away – FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix
8. FSQ featuring Dolette McDonald – I Zimbra – Wild & Free Remix
9. Chas Bronz and Life on Planets – Friends In High Places
10. FSQ featuring Denise King – Reprise Tonight – Michael The Lion Remix
11. Nick Monaco – Babyface – FSQ Caribbean Disco Dub
12. The Blockheads – Confused – FSQ Caribbean Disco Remix Instrumental featuring G Koop 
13. Ozgood and Sa’d The Hourchild Ali – No Couture – FSQ ‘A Perfect 10’ Remix

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